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Check in: 3 pm

Check out: 11 am

Early arrivals/late departures: Please inquire…if we do not have a same day check out/in, we are usually able to accommodate early arrivals or late departures for a small fee.

Villa Ventura includes housekeeping, chef service for 2 meals per day, as well as a house manager that maintains the property and assists with everything from mixing margaritas to launching kayaks. Groceries and tips are not included. The staff at Villa Ventura have Sundays and some holidays off and no housekeeping or chef services are provided on those days. 

No. They are generally in the villa starting at 8 am, Monday-Saturday. They come and go throughout the day as needed, and generally go home for the evening between 7-8 pm.

Yes, this can be arranged in advance. There is a fee you will pay directly to each staff member to have them work on a holiday or a Sunday. Details available upon request.

Each closet has a laundry basket. Please place any items you wish to have laundered in the basket, and time permitting, our housekeeper will wash, dry and fold your items and return them to your bedroom. This service is offered at your own risk, so please do not place delicate, hand wash, or line dry only items in the basket.

Yes! We can help arrange for pampering right in the comfort of Villa Ventura, through an approved, pre-screened and highly recommended company. Visit our spa page for more info.

No unregistered guests. This is for your safety as well as the safety of our staff.

Standard voltage in Mexico is 127 V, and most outlets are similar to those found throughout North America, so you should be okay without a converter or adapter if you are traveling from North America. If you are coming from the UK or Europe, you will most likely need an outlet adapter.

No. There are steps throughout the villa and access to the beach also requires the use of a staircase that is — in some spots — uneven and without a handrail.

Yes, absolutely. Prior to your arrival we will send you a grocery request form. Our staff will have your groceries ready for you at the villa upon your arrival. There is no fee for this service other than the cost of the groceries. You will be provided receipts for all groceries purchased on your behalf and you will reimburse the staff directly in pesos.

A budget of around $30/adult/per day is a good starting point if you drink a modest amount of alcohol and eat foods available locally, including seafood. Keep in mind, this varies based on current food prices, personal preference and alcohol consumption. There is no upcharge for the food purchased for your meals. The staff will provide receipts and you will reimburse them in pesos. 

While Puerto Vallarta is known for having some of the cleanest water in all of Mexico — our water is treated and purified — we highly recommend drinking bottled water. Large gallons of water can be purchased for your stay if you desire, and small bottles of water are provided in each bathroom.

There are so many favorites! We will share a few, and would love to know your favorites.



French Toast

Huevos Rancheros

Grilled breakfast burritos


Octopus salad

Nachos con carne asada


Seafood Enchiladas


Surf and Turf

Filet Mignon

Birria (plate or tacos)

Puerto Vallarta is a gastronomic dream! Foodies have been writing and creating vlogs galore, sharing the delightful food scene found in Puerto Vallarta. From street taco stands to luxury restaurants with live music (violins, mariachi, you name it), there is something for everyone. However, even with the amazing restaurants available in town, many guests end up canceling dinner reservations after eating a spectacular meal created by our in-villa chef.

Tipping is customary in Mexico; however, it is a personal choice and is based on the quality of service. The suggested amount is $20 USD per guest/each night of stay.  This tip can be given individually to each staff member at the end of your stay.

We love pets and wish we could welcome them all at Villa Ventura. Due to severe allergies, we most often are not able to accommodate this request. However, on a case by case basis, we will occasionally grant consent, so please ask. Any pet visiting Villa Ventura requires advance approval, written consent, and a pet waiver.

We love and welcome children at Villa Ventura! We have both a pack-n-play and a high chair available upon request. Please keep in mind that Villa Ventura is not baby proof and may not be the best fit for every child. The villa has many steps, terra cotta and concrete floors, as well as a pool.

Villa Ventura has snorkel gear, kayaks (one double, two single), beach chairs, coolers, spike ball, water skipping balls, frisbees and sand toys available for guest use. Please ask the houseman to assist with launching kayaks.

No. There is not a lifeguard at our beach. Please use both caution and judgment before entering the ocean and do not attempt to access the beach or go in the water if you have been drinking heavily. While we are on one of the only swimmable beaches in the area, and it is generally quite lovely, please remember the ocean can be unpredictable. If you observe shore break waves, or have any doubt, do not go in the water.

Yes! When sea conditions permit, you can enjoy snorkeling right below the villa. Everything from puffer fish, sea turtles, spotted rays and even the mighty manta ray frequent the area. Please watch for sea urchins…they love rocky shallow waters.

Yes. We will provide a shipping address upon request. Please do not ship anything essential as package delivery service in Mexico is not always reliable.

Absolutely! We have a wonderful concierge that can assist with this. Please advise on your pre-arrival form if you desire a concierge for your stay. There is no extra charge for their assistance.

Our concierge is happy to assist with items such as airport transportation, hiring a private driver, booking excursions (including the popular Rhythms of the Night tickets), booking a tee time, and many other services. If you desire their service, they will send you a welcome email with details.

Uber and taxi service are readily available from the Villa. If you intend to spend most of your time at the Villa or in downtown Puerto Vallarta, you will not need a car. If you wish to venture a little further away, say to the Botanical Gardens, having a car is quite nice. If you do decide to rent a car, we highly recommend Gecko Rent a Car Puerto Vallarta. They provide fantastic rentals and exceptional service.

Yes! If your group exceeds 16 people, or if you desire more space for your group, our villa conveniently sits next door to Villa McFuego. When booking both villas together you would have 9 spacious bedrooms that can accommodate up to 22 people, as well as access to the amenities both villas offer, including the staff of both villas.

If you have pesos on hand…sure! If not, we generally recommend using an ATM connected to a bank once you have arrived in Puerto Vallarta for the best exchange rate. Please let your bank know you will be traveling, and inquire about foreign transaction fees before leaving home.

Anytime! If you are looking for cool and drier weather, December-March is your best bet. The whales visit from the end of November through the first part of April and many find this a delightful time to visit. It generally starts to heat up in June, and by July the rainy season is upon us. The rain helps with the heat and humidity that is common in the summer, and also turns the surrounding jungles a vibrant green. September is our hottest and wettest month, so if you love thunderstorms and don’t mind the heat, September will be your best value. Snorkeling is best in October when the rains have stopped but the winter swells have not yet arrived. It stays warmer through mid November.

Yes! Check out our blog for spectacular day trips from Puerto Vallarta.

Yes! There are many beautiful hikes. Our blog has a few suggestions.

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